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History of PANASA

How It All Began

PANASA is an international sporting association, a non-governmental, having its own juridical status.

PANASA, founded in 1994, consists of all African National Scrabble Associations which are also participating countries of the World Scrabble Championships (WSC) and recognized by WSB as the official bodies controlling Scrabble in their respective countries.

Those in attendance during the formative meeting were:

  • 1. Mr. Francis Wachira (Kenya)
  • 2. Mr. Ricahrd Andabwa (Kenya)
  • 3. Ms. Cecilia Ruto (Kenya)
  • 4. Dr. Michael Gongolo (Kenya)
  • 5. Lt. Col Gold Eburu (Nigeria)
  • 6. Mr. Larry Ojoko (Nigeria)
  • 7. Mr. Larry Benjamin (South Africa)

The main objective of the association then was to develop Scrabble play in Africa and organize a biennial Scrabble Championship amongst member countries. The 14th edition of the ASC held in Lusaka, Zambia from the 21st – 24th October 2022.

The idea of a Pan-African Scrabble Championship was the brainchild of the Kenya Amateur Scrabble Association (now Scrabble Kenya), with full support from the Scrabble Association of Nigeria now (Nigeria Scrabble Federation) and other Scrabble bodies in Africa. There were only three countries in attendance at the first PANASA.


Our Metrics Says It All. Success is a Series of Small Wins!

Scrabble is played in millions of homes across the African continent. These are some of the key metrics of the sport in Africa:

  • There are currently Twelve (12) member countries under PANASA. They are South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cameroun & Nigeria.
  • About Fifteen Thousand people have registered to play in tournaments across all PANASA member countries.
  • Africa has produced a World Scrabble Champion. This was in 2015.
  • PANASA organizes the Bi-Annual Africa Scrabble Championship, East & Central Africa Scrabble Championship & the West Africa Scrabble Championship. The Africa Youth Scrabble Championship and the Presidents Cup will be added in 2023..
  • Several tournaments are organized by member nations in their respective countries.


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African Scrabble Championship (ASC)

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